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Xinxin Zhang

zhxx at cs dot ubc dot ca, zhangshinshin at gmail dot com.

I am a PhD student at UBC. I work with Professor Robert Bridson and Professor Chen Greif. I believe nature is a great artist and try to reproduce some of its art work with computers. More precisely, I take appropriate mathematical tools to generate the complex motion of fluids(smoke,water,fire), more realistically, while less costly.
Hence, I'm in general interested in numerical methods and large-scale, parallel implementation of numerical methods, my research involves developing O(N) time fast summation methods for N-Body problems(vortex dynamics), efficient Multigrid preconditioning for hi-res fluid simulations, and novel, practical solutions that augment existing fluid simulators with more realism.
I like the magics created by VFX and CG artists, working with them is always challenging while inspiring, I used to work as R&D interns for Pixar Animation Studios and Weta Digital, where I was an early contributor to the OpenSubdiv project, and received my first screen credit for "The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies", respectively.

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Latest Updates

Got a new siggraph 2016 paper(21/04/2016)

Got a new siggraph 2015 paper(21/04/2015)

Release code for PPPM fast summation;Release an efficient tbb parallelized AMGPCG for liquid simulations, and source code for our siggraph 2015 paper.(21/04/2015)


   Resolving Fluid Boundary Layers with. Particle Strength Exchange and Weak Adaptivity(siggraph 2016)
   website coming soon.
   Restoring the Missing Vortices in Advection-Projection Fluid Solvers(siggraph 2015)
   [proj]    [video]    [paper]    [bibtex]    [source code]
   A PPPM fast Summation Method for Fluids and beyond.(siggraph asia 2014)
   [proj]    [video]    [paper]    [bibtex]    [source code]

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